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EP-054: Fluoride

We finished 2017 the best way possible with the sounds of Fluoride and talk about the methods of their music making. Enjoy the show!

Set list:
“tunnel vision”
“chipped away”
“thought reform”
“blood root”

Originally aired: December 22, 2017

EP-053: Birds Bees & Cooties

Father, son, and holy smokes! Birds Bees & Cooties came up for their only second ever live performance and sounded like seasoned veterans of the road.

Set list:
“Juice Box”
“You’re Fired”
“Fight Fire”
“Noise Improv”

Originally aired: December 15, 2017

EP-052: Mutual Interest

Mutual Interest have a new release on Sniffling Indie Kids/Mint 400 Records and came up to the studio to play us a few choice cuts. Apparently we also covered a LOT of ground in our in-between discussions, as well. A special thanks to Bri for sitting in on the chit chat!

Set list:
“Sunset On a Perfect Day”
“The Black Sheep”
“A Different Pace (’80s Action Theme)”
“Seven Minutes in Heaven”
“Heard Your Voice”
“White on White”

Originally aired: December 8, 2017

EP-051: Brian Goad

My long-time BFF, Brian Goad, visits the studio with his Martin and treats us to some tunes he’s written over the years up to his latest musical offering, False Flats.

Set list:
“Sucker’s Bet”
“Tree Streets”
“Forgotten Coasts”
“Broken Bottle”
“The Fridge is Empty”
“Middle Ground”

Originally aired: December 1, 2017

EP-050: The Clydes

Only 75% of The Clydes made it to the studio, but they brought 100% of the rock! And they’re yet ANOTHER Mint 400 Records band with a new record out!!!

Set list:
“Holly Speaks”
“Broken Boy”
“Never Swim”
“The Fate of California”
“The Vampire of Hanover”
“Daddy’s On the Milkbox”

Originally aired: November 17, 2017

EP-049: Glazer

Glazer is too awesome for words, so listen to this podcast NOW!

Set list:
“Trim Your Limbs”
“Making This Shithole a Shithome”
“Working Man’s Dog”
“Disaster Footage”
“Structured Lifestyle”
“Made of Meat”

Originally aired: November 10, 2017

EP-048: Coach N’ Commando

Coach N Commando play a few choice cuts off their King Pizza Records release along with a few others, and open up about 80s horror flicks and being Garden State ambassadors.

Set list:
“The Fly” (intro)
“Satan on Vacation”
“The Delta 88 (Swallow Your Soul)”
“Kids’ll Lose Their Heads Sometimes”
“Honey, We Got Some Real Bad Blood”

Originally aired: November 3, 2017

EP-047: Halcionne

We learn this week that halcionne is in a perpetual state of metamorphosis and this is where their haunting beauty and power lie.

Set list:
“Meticulum’s Lament”
“Open House”
“Hyperballad” (Björk cover)

Originally aired: October 20, 2017

EP-046: The Brixton Riot

The Brixton Riot’s new album, Close Counts, is out now on Mint 400 Records and they treated us with six choice cuts off it, PLUS a Guided By Voices cover!

Set list:
“Can’t Stop Now”
“Slow Evolution”
“Easier Said Than Done”
“Hector Quasar”
“Best of Jill Hives” (GBV cover)
“The Ballad of Pete Best”

Originally aired: October 13, 2017

EP-045: Underlined Passages

Underlined Passages came all the way up from Baltimore and decided to not play anything off their brand new album because they have so much fantastic music to share!

Set list:
“Like 2009”
“Our Time In Rockland County”
“Every Night”
“Down In A Fog”
“Love Your Way”

Originally aired: September 29, 2017