Monthly Archives: March 2017

EP-005: Above the Moon

The power-pop-version-of-The-Cranberries sound of Above the Moon is undeniably catchy. They paid us a visit with a live rendition of their fantastic new EP, The Distance Is the Same, along with a bonus cut.

Set list:
“Feel It Again”
“Stop Trying”
“All Times”
“More Time”
“Silver Tongue”

Originally aired: September 23, 2016

EP-004: Angular Brothers

Whad’ya get when you cut the legendary Stuntcocks in half? You get the Angular Brothers! The duo-band had only been together for a few weeks, but we were able to coxing them into the studio to take a listen to what they’d been up to.

Set list:
“Queen Bitch” (Bowie)
“He Looks Good for His Age”
“Pretty Song”

Originally aired: September 30, 2016

EP-003: Feeny

The young, New Brunswick lads of Feeny came up to deliver the goods off their latest EP, No Beauty In Routine. And, they slipped in a few other choice pop-punk gems as well!

Set list:
“No Beauty In Routine”
“Spoliation (Uncomfortable)”
“Spacious Days”
“We’ll Always Have Philly”
“Pull Yourself Together”

Originally aired: September 9, 2016

EP-002: Psychiatric Metaphors

The psych-core sounds of the Psychiatric Metaphors spring forth from the mind of Sam Taylor. We get deep on all levels with this one. This show is dedicated to Nuge.

Set list:
“Black Mass”
“The Parasite”
“Mr. President”
“The Seeker”
“San Francisco Baby”
“What If She Is Listening?”

Originally aired: October 14, 2016

EP-001: The Anderson Council

We’re kicking the podcast of in stile with The Anderson Council’s power-Britt-pop! Hot on the heels of their Jem Recordings’ release, “Assorted Colours,” TAC came into the studio and could not be stopped delivering a show-record nine songs.

Set list:
“Grey Heavenly Lane”
“Love Bomb”
“I Never Feel”
“Fire Island”
“Mrs. Kirkby’s Refrigerator”
“Girl On The Northern Line”
“Sitting On a Cloud”
“We’re Like the Sun”

Originally aired: September 2, 2016