Monthly Archives: October 2017

EP-047: Halcionne

We learn this week that halcionne is in a perpetual state of metamorphosis and this is where their haunting beauty and power lie.

Set list:
“Meticulum’s Lament”
“Open House”
“Hyperballad” (Björk cover)

Originally aired: October 20, 2017

EP-046: The Brixton Riot

The Brixton Riot’s new album, Close Counts, is out now on Mint 400 Records and they treated us with six choice cuts off it, PLUS a Guided By Voices cover!

Set list:
“Can’t Stop Now”
“Slow Evolution”
“Easier Said Than Done”
“Hector Quasar”
“Best of Jill Hives” (GBV cover)
“The Ballad of Pete Best”

Originally aired: October 13, 2017

EP-045: Underlined Passages

Underlined Passages came all the way up from Baltimore and decided to not play anything off their brand new album because they have so much fantastic music to share!

Set list:
“Like 2009”
“Our Time In Rockland County”
“Every Night”
“Down In A Fog”
“Love Your Way”

Originally aired: September 29, 2017