Monthly Archives: November 2017

EP-050: The Clydes

Only 75% of The Clydes made it to the studio, but they brought 100% of the rock! And they’re yet ANOTHER Mint 400 Records band with a new record out!!!

Set list:
“Holly Speaks”
“Broken Boy”
“Never Swim”
“The Fate of California”
“The Vampire of Hanover”
“Daddy’s On the Milkbox”

Originally aired: November 17, 2017

EP-049: Glazer

Glazer is too awesome for words, so listen to this podcast NOW!

Set list:
“Trim Your Limbs”
“Making This Shithole a Shithome”
“Working Man’s Dog”
“Disaster Footage”
“Structured Lifestyle”
“Made of Meat”

Originally aired: November 10, 2017

EP-048: Coach N’ Commando

Coach N Commando play a few choice cuts off their King Pizza Records release along with a few others, and open up about 80s horror flicks and being Garden State ambassadors.

Set list:
“The Fly” (intro)
“Satan on Vacation”
“The Delta 88 (Swallow Your Soul)”
“Kids’ll Lose Their Heads Sometimes”
“Honey, We Got Some Real Bad Blood”

Originally aired: November 3, 2017