Monthly Archives: December 2017

EP-054: Fluoride

We finished 2017 the best way possible with the sounds of Fluoride and talk about the methods of their music making. Enjoy the show!

Set list:
“tunnel vision”
“chipped away”
“thought reform”
“blood root”

Originally aired: December 22, 2017

EP-053: Birds Bees & Cooties

Father, son, and holy smokes! Birds Bees & Cooties came up for their only second ever live performance and sounded like seasoned veterans of the road.

Set list:
“Juice Box”
“You’re Fired”
“Fight Fire”
“Noise Improv”

Originally aired: December 15, 2017

EP-052: Mutual Interest

Mutual Interest have a new release on Sniffling Indie Kids/Mint 400 Records and came up to the studio to play us a few choice cuts. Apparently we also covered a LOT of ground in our in-between discussions, as well. A special thanks to Bri for sitting in on the chit chat!

Set list:
“Sunset On a Perfect Day”
“The Black Sheep”
“A Different Pace (’80s Action Theme)”
“Seven Minutes in Heaven”
“Heard Your Voice”
“White on White”

Originally aired: December 8, 2017

EP-051: Brian Goad

My long-time BFF, Brian Goad, visits the studio with his Martin and treats us to some tunes he’s written over the years up to his latest musical offering, False Flats.

Set list:
“Sucker’s Bet”
“Tree Streets”
“Forgotten Coasts”
“Broken Bottle”
“The Fridge is Empty”
“Middle Ground”

Originally aired: December 1, 2017