EP-042: The Nowhere

The Nowhere have emerged to make only their second public appearance and we’re lucky enough for it to be in our studio!

Set list:
“Lightning Strikes”
“All Around”
“Thursday Night at Pino’s”
“All Night”
“Wake Up”

Originally aired: August 4, 2017

EP-041: Matt Koerner

Matt Koerner of Feeny, who made an earlier appearance on the podcast, came into the studio and played an extended set, as well as explained the how solo performances shape Feeny tunes, both old and new.

Set list:
“Spacious Days”
“Patience & Paranoia”
“No Beauty In Routine”
“Two Weeks Later”
“Just Like Heaven” (The Cure)
“We’ll Always Have Philly”
“Spoliation (Uncomfortable)”

Originally aired: July 28, 2017

EP-040: A Halo Called Fred

Things got weird and wonderful yet again with A Halo Called Fred’s second time on the show. I even got to make an appearance in their “Butt!”!

Set list:
“It’s Not That Kind of Party”
“It’s That Kind of Party”
“The Greatest Moment In the History of All Time and Space”
“Zero F#@ks” (Radio-Friendly Whistle Edit)

Originally aired: July 21, 2017

EP-039: Angular Brothers

Angular Brothers return to the studios to play some new tunes and explain that through the physics of rock less can end up being more.

Set list:
“Trophy for Trying”
“Rock & Roll” (Velvet Underground)
“Your Scene Sucks”
“He Looks Good for His Age”
“Pretty Song”

Originally aired: July 14, 2017

EP-038: Erotic Novels

Erotic Novels bring their passion and power rock into the studio and show us all what their brand new EP, Debut, is all about!

Set list:
“Revenge Therapy”
“Hocus Pocus”
“Out West On My Own”
“Last Stab”
“You Said”
“Maiming Faces”
“Joan Jett”
“I’m Not Willing”

Originally aired: July 7, 2017

EP-037: Peter Horvath

It’s the One Year Anniversary of the first performance on Overnight Sensations Live! This first performance was a short acoustic set by Peter Horvath of The Anderson Council. Peter was gracious enough to hang for the whole two-hour show – I was also his ride home – and though we chitter-chattered a LOT, I edited things down to a more digestible episode.

Set list:
“Camden Town”
“I Never Feel”
“Battle Room” (Michael Penn cover)
“Hazel Eyes”

Originally aired: July 1, 2016

EP-036: Overlake

As their usual, Overlake brought up all the goods and played some beautiful tunes off their fantastic new album, Fall, on Bar/None Records.

Set list:
“And Again”
“Can Never Tell”
“Pines on a Beach”
“Gardener’s Bell”
“Winter Is Why”
“You Don’t Know Everything”

Production Note: We unfortunately had an audio anomaly on the original recording of this show. Luckily it was only on the left channel. For this podcast we doubled the right channel to make a “faux mono” mix.

Originally aired: May 19

EP-035: Jenny and the Felines

Jared helmed the captain’s chair this week when Jenny and the Felines came up to show us all what cat rock is all about. Different format, but same good times.

Set list:
“I Hate This Town”
“Thunder Thighs”
“Ms. Pratt”
“Come On, Little Cougar”
“Jail Bird Johnny”
“You Don’t Love Me”
“Bleed For You”

During the interview, we heard recorded tracks:
“Chinese Buffet”
“Worst Kind”
“Let’s Have A Party”

Originally aired: March 24

EP-034: Stuyvesant

Pun times were had in the studio when Stuyvesant came up and brought their special brand of dad rock.

Set list:
“Stoned Believers”
“Once More with Feeling”
“My Friend the End”
“Ho Hocus Pocus”
“All Stars Fall”
“We’re Doomed”
“Miles On These Shoes”
“Until You Come Around”

Originally aired: June 9

EP-033: The Black Clouds

The Black Clouds rolled into the studio and rained down the rock.

Set list:
“Self Control”
“Going Going Gone”
“Leave Her Alone”
“No Reason”

Originally aired: June 2