EP-032: Black Flamingos

Yet another great band with a brand new album! This time it’s the surf-rock troubadours, Black Flamingos, with a vinyl slab entitled, Neon Boneyard.

Set list:
“The Gurch”
“Devil’s Punchbowl”
“Flamingo Twist”
“Neon Boneyard”
“Linty Dock”
“Cock Grease”
“Theme from The Traitors” (cover)
“Movin’ and Groovin’ In the California Sun” (cover)

Originally aired: May 12

EP-031: All Night Drivers

The super multifaceted, All Night Drivers, take us on a live spin through their recently dropped self-titled EP.

Set list:
“Song for Mags”
“My Home, New Orleans”
“Space and Time”
“Friends & Flames”
“Park Bench”

Originally aired: May 5

EP-030: Brenyama

Brenyama comes up to the studio to give us a safari through their brand new album, Euphoria Love.

Set list:
“Euphoria Love”
“Small Talkin’ Head”
“Dreaming In Blue”
“Things That You Do”
“Waiting for Godzilla”
“Get In the Groove”

Originally aired: April 28

EP-028: Ghost Camp

Ghost Camp’s wall of guitar sound is something to behold.

Set list:
“(unnamed first song)”
“same state”
“tunnel vision”
“heavens gate”

Originally aired: April 7

EP-027: Fast Clare

Fast Clare stops by and shows us what it is to be lean and mean in the rockabilly scene. Plus, we get our first double bass in the studio!

Set list:
“Paradise Road”
“The Way It Was”
“Mall Goth Kids”
“Crazy Cat Lady”
“My Baby’s Back”
“Worst Cars in History”
“Rumble in Brighton”

Originally aired: March 31

EP-026: Bryan Hansen Band

The Bryan Hansen Band come on up to the studio to get smooth with choice cuts off their brand new album, When You Stop Pulling Back.

Set list:
“One More Blues”
“Dreaming Awake”
“Tug of War”

Originally aired: March 10

EP-025: My Heart and the Real World

Brand new band, My Heart and the Real World, stop by to show us what’s up and let us live in their world for an hour or so.

Set list:
“My Heart”
“As I Recall”
“Falling Down”
“False Star”
“Hate To Say”
“Empty Hand”
“Country Jam”

Originally aired: March 3

EP-024: Animal Shapes

We get into all the intricacies when Animal Shapes come up and give us a tour of their new release, Weak Sun.

Set list:
“Perfect Teeth”
“Here We Go Again”
“Measure of a Man”
“What Are We Waiting For”
“Weak Sun”
“Been Down”

Originally aired: February 24

EP-023: Zero for Conduct

Zero for Conduct rolls in and burns through a set of brand new smokers they’re working on for a new release.

Set list:
“Bill Hader”
“Oh, Nancy”
“Surprise Attack”
“Chinese Viking”
“Kids (Rollin’)”

Originally aired: February 17