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EP-037: Peter Horvath

It’s the One Year Anniversary of the first performance on Overnight Sensations Live! This first performance was a short acoustic set by Peter Horvath of The Anderson Council. Peter was gracious enough to hang for the whole two-hour show – I was also his ride home – and though we chitter-chattered a LOT, I edited things down to a more digestible episode.

Set list:
“Camden Town”
“I Never Feel”
“Battle Room” (Michael Penn cover)
“Hazel Eyes”

Originally aired: July 1, 2016

EP-001: The Anderson Council

We’re kicking the podcast of in stile with The Anderson Council’s power-Britt-pop! Hot on the heels of their Jem Recordings’ release, “Assorted Colours,” TAC came into the studio and could not be stopped delivering a show-record nine songs.

Set list:
“Grey Heavenly Lane”
“Love Bomb”
“I Never Feel”
“Fire Island”
“Mrs. Kirkby’s Refrigerator”
“Girl On The Northern Line”
“Sitting On a Cloud”
“We’re Like the Sun”

Originally aired: September 2, 2016