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EP-048: Coach N’ Commando

Coach N Commando play a few choice cuts off their King Pizza Records release along with a few others, and open up about 80s horror flicks and being Garden State ambassadors.

Set list:
“The Fly” (intro)
“Satan on Vacation”
“The Delta 88 (Swallow Your Soul)”
“Kids’ll Lose Their Heads Sometimes”
“Honey, We Got Some Real Bad Blood”

Originally aired: November 3, 2017

EP-039: Angular Brothers

Angular Brothers return to the studios to play some new tunes and explain that through the physics of rock less can end up being more.

Set list:
“Trophy for Trying”
“Rock & Roll” (Velvet Underground)
“Your Scene Sucks”
“He Looks Good for His Age”
“Pretty Song”

Originally aired: July 14, 2017