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EP-040: A Halo Called Fred

Things got weird and wonderful yet again with A Halo Called Fred’s second time on the show. I even got to make an appearance in their “Butt!”!

Set list:
“It’s Not That Kind of Party”
“It’s That Kind of Party”
“The Greatest Moment In the History of All Time and Space”
“Zero F#@ks” (Radio-Friendly Whistle Edit)

Originally aired: July 21, 2017

EP-012: A Halo Called Fred

Let’s make it that kind of party! Long-time staples of WRSU, A Halo Called Fred, bring their quirky to the ness.

Set list:
“We Love You All”
“My Monocle”
“Barry the Steampunk Monster”
“I Haz a Sad”
“Mexican Love Song”
“Not My Circus Not My Monkey”
“It’s Not That Kind of Party”

Originally aired: December 2, 2016