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EP-035: Jenny and the Felines

Jared helmed the captain’s chair this week when Jenny and the Felines came up to show us all what cat rock is all about. Different format, but same good times.

Set list:
“I Hate This Town”
“Thunder Thighs”
“Ms. Pratt”
“Come On, Little Cougar”
“Jail Bird Johnny”
“You Don’t Love Me”
“Bleed For You”

During the interview, we heard recorded tracks:
“Chinese Buffet”
“Worst Kind”
“Let’s Have A Party”

Originally aired: March 24, 2017

EP-030: Brenyama

Brenyama comes up to the studio to give us a safari through their brand new album, Euphoria Love.

Set list:
“Euphoria Love”
“Small Talkin’ Head”
“Dreaming In Blue”
“Things That You Do”
“Waiting for Godzilla”
“Get In the Groove”

Originally aired: April 28, 2017