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EP-032: Black Flamingos

Yet another great band with a brand new album! This time it’s the surf-rock troubadours, Black Flamingos, with a vinyl slab entitled, Neon Boneyard.

Set list:
“The Gurch”
“Devil’s Punchbowl”
“Flamingo Twist”
“Neon Boneyard”
“Linty Dock”
“Cock Grease”
“Theme from The Traitors” (cover)
“Movin’ and Groovin’ In the California Sun” (cover)

Originally aired: May 12, 2017

EP-007: The RocknRoll Hi-Fives

The first family of rock, The Rockandroll Hi-Fives, came in and burned through their brand new Little Dickman Records EP, AND had time to rock out a classic cover.

Set list:
“(You Got Me) Tongue Tied”
“Blast Away with You”
“Glass Towns”
“Running Nowhere”
“We Got the Beat” (The Go-Go’s)

Originally aired: October 21, 2016

EP-002: Psychiatric Metaphors

The psych-core sounds of the Psychiatric Metaphors spring forth from the mind of Sam Taylor. We get deep on all levels with this one. This show is dedicated to Nuge.

Set list:
“Black Mass”
“The Parasite”
“Mr. President”
“The Seeker”
“San Francisco Baby”
“What If She Is Listening?”

Originally aired: October 14, 2016