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EP-058: Zero for Conduct

Zero for Conduct have a new release, CTRL+Z, coming out on Nefarious Industries and they were wound up and ready to tear through a nine-song set!

Set list:
“Oh Nancy! Only British People Can Fly”
“Bouncy Castle”
“Snowin’ In HP”
“If We Were Emo, You’d Be Home By Now”
“Like Bill Hader”
“Mad As Hell”

Originally aired: February 23, 2018

EP-023: Zero for Conduct

Zero for Conduct rolls in and burns through a set of brand new smokers they’re working on for a new release.

Set list:
“Bill Hader”
“Oh, Nancy”
“Surprise Attack”
“Chinese Viking”
“Kids (Rollin’)”

Originally aired: February 17, 2017

EP-013: Risk Relay

Hot on the heels of their new album, As We Descend, Risk Relay blends a smooth groove on angular paths.

Set list:
“The Meeting”
“To The Signal”
“Lonely The Converted Mind”
“My Weight Disappearing”
“Healer Revealing”
“Sea of Light”
“Principia Mathematica”

Originally aired: December 9, 2016