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EP-065: Hair Magic

Hair Magic, THE quintessential HP mom rock, swing by the studio for a whirl-wind set and some sensible conversation!

Set list:
“Gail Force Winds”
“False Start”
Randy Mantooth
“Bad Tina” (St. Vincent from Bob’s Burgers)
“Dancing with Myself” (Billy Idol)

Originally aired: April 20, 2018

EP-064: Above the Moon

Second-timer alert! Above the Moon came on up to the show to talk about their new EP, Patterns You Create, and play some of their beautiful, yet powerful tunes!

Set list:
“The Grey”
“San Junipero”
“Stop Trying”
“Underneath Alice”
“Fight the Sea”
“Never Been Enough”

Originally aired: April 13, 2018

EP-063: Lowlight

Hot on the heels of their brand new EP, Born to Run, Lowlight stopped by the studios and we all made a time of it!

Set list:
“Motel Chronicles”
“California Blue”
“Sleep Wounds”
“Can’t Stop Now”
“Nights and Weekends”
“Where Do We Go From Here”

Originally aired: April 6, 2018

EP-062: The Stolen

We apparently ignored all space and time this week to get down to the nitty-gritty with a few of the lads from The Stolen! They even squeezed in some tunes!

Set list:
“I’m So Dead”
“West Coast”
“All Time Low” (cover by Jon Bellion)

Originally aired: March 30, 2018

EP-061: The Skullers

The Skullers stopped by the studios to play acoustical-ish-ly and to talk about things such as touring with Radio Disney, being featured in Bass Musician, and rebelling against 80s-era New Brunswick rock dads!

Set list:
“Pressure Face”
“I’m Your Man”
“Hard To Want”
“Peace with You”
“She Denies Herself the Things She Loves”
“Can You See Me”
“Meet Me In Memphis”

Originally aired: March 23, 2018

EP-060: UM

UM came up to the studios and took us all to rock ‘n’ roll high school – Hazlet, NJ, style!

Set list:
“Caller ID”
“Googly Eyes”

Originally aired: March 16, 2018

EP-059: Newfoundman

The man behind Newfoundman stopped by the studios to share some tunes and chat. He also marked our first international recording artist up to the show!

Set list:
“Your Mind and the Storming Sea”
“A Ghost At Home”
“Brittle Boned”
“Along The Road”
“Circle of Silence”
“December and the Bear”

Originally aired: March 9, 2018

EP-058: Zero for Conduct

Zero for Conduct have a new release, CTRL+Z, coming out on Nefarious Industries and they were wound up and ready to tear through a nine-song set!

Set list:
“Oh Nancy! Only British People Can Fly”
“Bouncy Castle”
“Snowin’ In HP”
“If We Were Emo, You’d Be Home By Now”
“Like Bill Hader”
“Mad As Hell”

Originally aired: February 23, 2018

EP-057: Barbecue Bob

Barbecue Bob, of Barbecue Bob & the Spareribs, came in and we talked tunes and he played some as well!

Set list:
“Wooden Nickel” (Chardiet, Pomeroy)
“I Hear You Knockin’” (Lazy Lester)
“Coney Island Dream” (Pomeroy)
“Picture In a Frame” (Tom Waits)
“You Got a Buzz On Me” (Pomeroy)
“No Such Luck” (Chardiet)
“You Want Me to Rock” (V.D. King)

Originally aired: February 9, 2018

EP-056: Natalie Newbold

Natalie Newbold, formally of dollys, played some beautiful acoustic versions of tunes by her new band, Well Wisher!

Set list:
“Waste My Time”
“Half Bad”
“All My Love”
“Bitter Vacation”
“I’ll Go”

Originally aired: February 2, 2018